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Physical Metallurgy Lab!

Enhancement of strength of structural materials meets the requirements in many applications, and especially contributes to the improvement of the resource and energy problem from the body-in-white weight reduction of automobiles. To enhance deformability of structural materials without losing strength, our lab aim to develop a new structural materials with enhanced performance by characterizing defects, deformation, and fracture in structural metals and alloys with a help of data-driven material science.

News and events

2021.07. Ruogu Hou(phd student) joined our group!

2021.04. Kubo shiori (postdoc researcher) joined our group!

2021.04. Albert Guevara (phd student), Koki Hibi (master student), and Shutaro Yoshida (master student) joined our group!

2021.01. Assosiate professor Inoue is promoted to professor.

2020.10. Kashiwa Open Campus Special Movie is available in the page Movies.

2020.10. Shuang Gong (master student) and Yinglin Guo (research student) joined our group!

2020.09. New homepage has been opened to the public. Some parts are still under construction though.

2020.08. Our laboratory is now located in Kashiwa Campus.

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If you are interested in Nambu Lab in Dept. of Materials Engineering, please visit here.